Dr Brown’s bottles review


We were originally using Avent bottles with Kory which were fine for a while but then he started to develop colicky symptoms and wasnt bringing his wind up very well, especially at night time. Sometimes I could be winding him for up to an hour at a time before he would even bring anything up!

After a relative recommended the Dr Brown’s bottles to us, we decided to try Kory with them and we noticed a huge difference straight away. He stopped fussing as much whilst feeding and he brought his wind up a lot easier too. This helped with the night feeds as well because I wasn’t winding him for hours trying to bring his wind up which meant he could fall asleep a lot easier and so could we!

In terms of the assembly of the bottles, they are a bit more of a faff than the standard bottles but once you get used to it, you’ll find it just as easy. You have to wash and sterilise all parts of the bottles but the bottles come with a handy little bottle brush to clean the vent part. When making up formula bottles, you can’t shake the Dr Browns bottles because of the air vent system that the bottles have.

Milk will leak everywhere!

But personally, I think not shaking the bottles helps with the wind and colic in your baby anyway as it introduces less air into the milk formula. The bottles also come with little travel discs that you can insert if you’re travelling about with them to prevent leaks.

All in all, mummy and daddy love these bottles and highly recommend them for your baby.

Which bottles do you use for your little one?


* This is not a sponsored post. *

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