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Let’s get to know each other a bit better! Here’s some facts about me

I was debating whether to write this post or not. Firstly, I thought who would want to read random facts about me? Then I figured it may help you to get to know me a little more beyond just my blog posts.

-My name is Kirsti-Marie but my family and friends call me Kirsti/Kirst/Kir.

-I’m 22 years old.

-My birthday is the 1st of July.

-I’ve been with my partner since high school, we’ve been together for 7 years.

-We’re engaged.

-I’m currently a stay at home mum.

-My favourite colour is purple.

-I love reading.

-I’m scared of the dark, spiders and Michael Myers from Halloween (amongst other things)

-My favourite food is Chinese food.

-Autumn is my favourite season.

-I want to go back to college but I’m not sure what I want to study.

-I’ve always loved learning new things.

-My most important goal in life is to have a family and be the best mum that I can be.

-Although I don’t do it as much as I’d like, I love to travel.

-I don’t cope well with change.

-I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

-I love animals.

-My hobbies include binge watching tv shows and anything arts and crafts.

-When I was little I wanted to be a vet.

-I have 5 tattoos.

-I have a dog, Harley and 2 cats, Bobbins and Tilly.

-My star sign is Cancer. I am very much a Cancer.

-My favourite thing to do is nothing. I love sitting around in my pyjamas with nothing else to do other than watch tv, eat and sleep.

-I hate mess.

-I’m actually quite a shy person, until I get comfortable around you.

-I’m a bit of a loner.

-I enjoy my own company.

-I cannot start my day without having at least one cup of coffee.

-I prefer a night in over a night out.

-I try to see the positive in everything.

-I have moments of serious doubt with my writing. Sometimes I wonder, why do I do this?

-My son is perfect and as much as I love watching him grow, I want him to stay my baby forever.

-My partner is also my best friend, we’ve been through so much together and I don’t know what I would do without him.

-I always compare myself to other people.

-I’m good at giving advice but not at following my own.

-I hope you enjoy this post!

So those were the facts about me, I hope this didn’t bore you too much!

What are some facts about you?

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