Our favourite baby brands and why

We use so many different things!

Here are a few:

Mamia wipes (Aldi) – the wipes from the Mamia range in Aldi have been so much softer for our baby’s skin.

Mamia nappies (also from Aldi) – with Kory being premature, he was small and sometimes even some of the first size nappies were too big for him! Pampers first size nappies fit him but didn’t seem to hold much. We tried the first size Mamia nappies and they fitted him nicely and also seemed to hold more than Pampers nappies. Ever since, we’ve always just stuck with the Mamia nappies.

Sudocrem – Must have! Kory’s bum was looking a little red, after using sudocrem it soon cleared up and we still use it now to prevent future nappy rashes!

Baby comfort conditioner (Aldi) – To make his clothes nice and soft!

Tiny baby clothes (Next’s tiny baby range) – Kory wore clothes from the tiny baby range, we’d bought them from a few different places but I have to say that Next’s tiny baby clothes fit him much more snug! Now that he’s bigger, we shop for clothes at lots of different places but we still love to shop at Next for him.

Thanks for reading our favourite bay brands and why.

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