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What I do all day when I’m home with the baby

At the minute, I am a stay at home mum but that wasn’t always the case, I did have a job as a receptionist before Kory was born.

People often ask me:

‘what do you do all day?’

Below is a basic list of what I do all day when I’m home with the baby.

7:00am, Wake up feeling tired and wishing I had gone to bed earlier. Feed Kory a bottle.

7:45am, Change Kory’s nappy. Get him dressed for the day.

8:00am, Put Kory on his play mat or in his bouncer whilst I make the bed, wash, brush teeth and get dressed.

8:30am, Tidy the house, wash the pots, sterilise the bottles, feed the animals, do the washing, put the drying away, hoover, mop, put pots away, put washing out or on the radiators, ect. (All whilst checking on Kory!)

10:00am, Feed Kory his breakfast.

10:30am, Tidy up again.

10:40am, Wrap Kory up, get him ready to go outside, put him in his pram, put Harley the dog on his lead.

10:45am, Take Harley for a walk with Kory in the pram.

11:15am, Return home, let the dog off his lead (if he’s muddy, clean him, wipe him down), fill Harley’s water bowl, lift Kory out of the pram, take off his outdoor clothes.

11:30am, Play with Kory (Feeling guilty the entire time that the dog didn’t really get much excercise and is looking at me like he’s depressed)

12:00am, Absentmindedly wonder if I’m doing everything right.

12:20am, If Kory isn’t napping, let him watch some tv. (Realise that I haven’t yet eaten or drank anything. Make self a coffee and maybe some cereal.)

12:45am, Feed, brush, play with Harley and the cats. Lie on the sofa, letting myself ‘relax for just a moment’ until Kory wakes up.

1:00pm, When Kory wakes, it’s time to make him some dinner.

1:30pm, After dinner, Get him wrapped up to go back outside again. Put Kory in his pram, off to the supermarket we go because I keep ‘leaving it for another day’.

2:30pm, Lift Kory out of his pram, unwrap him. Put the shopping away.

3:00pm, Let the dog out in the garden. Give Kory some toys to play with.

3:15pm, Let Harley back in, feed the animals.

3:30pm, Look what I can make for tea. Make tea whilst also trying to entertain Kory.

4:30pm, Wait for Rory getting home from work.

5:00pm, Rory gets home from work.

5:15pm, Dish out tea, eat tea.

5:45pm, Put dishes in sink. Tidy kitchen and finally, sit down.

This parenting thing is hard!

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