I’ve been weaning Kory for a while now but we’ve only been using purées. Before we started weaning I said that I would like to try Kory with both – purées and finger foods but when it came down to it, I was always hesitant to try him with solids simply because of all the horror stories you hear about babies choking and quite frankly, this scared me.

But after seeing a few other mums choose blw (baby led weaning) for their child, I felt more confident and we gave it a go ourselves…

And Kory absolutely loved it!

Giving your child finger foods is so much fun and I only wish that we had tried sooner! If like me you’re anxious about trying, just remember that by cutting up the food and watching your child carefully, you’re drastically reducing the risk of choking happening. Once you’ve done it once, like me you’ll be experimenting with all sorts of different foods!

Weaning is an exciting and fun journey for both you and your baby, so enjoy it.

Did you choose blw for your baby? Or did you choose to wean your baby with purées?

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