Finding parenting hard

I almost feel ashamed to say that some days I find parenting hard. I feel as though I’m actually ‘not allowed’ to find parenting hard and that if people knew that I do, then they would think ‘well, what could be so hard about being a stay at home mum and just taking care of your child all day?’ Who is actually such a good baby too might I add.

People tell me how lucky I am all the time for this and I know that I am  but some days I still find myself struggling. It’s not so much his behaviour I find hard, it’s just the whole taking care of a child all day every day y’know? That’s hard enough in itself and some days prove to be more challenging than others. Especially the following day after a sleepless night because it doesn’t matter how tired I might feel, my child still needs me to give 100% of myself even if I don’t have 100% to give. That is what makes parenting hard. Trying to be enough for a little person that relies on you for EVERYTHING, who you love so damn much and would do anything for. Who you want to be the best for and being riddled with guilt for maybe not being that particular day.

Which is why what I heard the other day got to me.

The other day I overheard some other mums talking and they were saying things like:

‘I don’t know how people can find parenting so hard.’

‘what is the big deal?’

and that made me feel like a failure.

They could very well just have been bullsh!tting each other unless they were Mother Teresa herself but my point is, I think as mums we should be supporting each other, not ripping each other down. I’m glad that parenting is such a walk in the park for some parents but that isn’t the case for everyone. Those people who find parenting such a breeze probably have parents who can look after their child/ren for them at any given time or their partner is probably home more. My mum is a great nannie to Kory but she works herself, I can’t rely on my own Nan and grandad as that wouldn’t be fair and when my partner has been at work for almost 12 hours, the last thing I’m gonna do is put on him when he gets home.

So yes I do find parenting hard sometimes. And I’m not afraid to say it anymore because I’m the one who looks after my child day in and day out and yes it’s a struggle but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I might not always be the best at this job but in the eyes of my child, I am the very best.

If you too are a mum who feels like you’re finding it hard, ignore what other people have to say, there is no shame in admitting that parenting isn’t always easy and it doesn’t make you any less of a good mum for thinking that. Just know that you’re doing a fantastic job and the credit is all yours!

6 thoughts on “Finding parenting hard

  1. I hear you. Parenting is hard, and anyone who says otherwise is lying haha. It’s lonely, mind-numbing at times and downright stressful. But it’s worth it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I find parenting hard, we’re only human, and some days are just worse than others! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows! I hear it gets easier, but we’ll see haha! You’re no less of a good mother for admitting you find it hard sometimes x


    1. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes I just feel alone and that I’m the only my mum in the world who feels like this when actually, i’m not alone and other mums like yourself and totally relate. And thank you x


  2. Of course it’s hard! But like you said, I wouldn’t have it any other way either. Whether it was a great day or a rough one, I go to bed every night with a satisfying feeling that life is way better with my little one in it and again I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY! Great Post Mama!

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