Maybe I should start listening to my own advice

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was so that I could share my own personal motherhood experiences with other parents as open and honestly as possible. Sometimes in my blog posts I offer advice, for example, I’ve wrote about the importance of finding time for yourself as a parent, why it’s okay to make mistakes, ect. Yet these are things that I as a mother struggle with.

It seems that I’m fine with giving advice but not so great when it comes to following it myself.

For instance, I’m not feeling too good today, I needed to do the food shop and I had a ton of housework I wanted to catch up with all whilst being full of a cold so I asked my mum if she could watch Kory for me – which she was happy to do. I did the food shop, put the shopping away and when I’d finished doing that I tidied all the house. Eventually, I finally sat down just to have a minute to myself and instantly felt guilty for doing so.


It’s as though I feel like I’m not worthy of any down time no matter how small and that there is always something else I ‘should’ be doing instead. It’s hard feeling this way and I feel like I’m in a constant battle with myself.

As a fellow parent, is this something that you can relate to?

Maybe I should start listening to my own advice…

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