Kory’s got his first tooth!

I noticed the tooth for the first time when Kory was having a meltdown and I could see right into his mouth.

The first tooth is to the right of the lower front gum, the left one looks like it’s going to be making an appearance soon too! At nearly 8 months old and still having no teeth, it seems Kory is going to have two teeth all at once.

It does explain a lot.

Kory has been showing typical teething symptoms for quite a while but recently he’s been more grizzly and terrible at sleeping (which isn’t like Kory at all.)

Your baby getting their first tooth is such an exciting and significant milestone! Months and months of teething and crying, you may think to yourself ‘I can’t do this!’ Or ‘when is this going to end?!’ And finally when you see that first sighting of tooth, you’ll feel a sense of pride (and relief!)

That your little one isn’t so little anymore.

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