My first Mother’s Day

I would just like to thank my partner and my son for making my first Mother’s Day a special one! I am definitely feeling the love!

I came downstairs after having a lie-in (haven’t had one of those in a while!) to a tidy house. I opened my cards, Rory made me a brew and then I spent the morning in my pyjamas watching spiderman cartoons with Kory whilst Rory made us pancakes.

Then in the afternoon, we took Kory out for the day to the sea life centre in Blackpool. He loved looking at all the different fishes, he was amazed and it was a great pleasure to watch him. After that, We had a walk along the front and of course ate sugared donuts (because, y’know, they’re sugared donuts?!) and sat on the beach.

I’m actually a little sad that the day is over, I wish more days were as nice as my first Mother’s Day!

Ah well, there’s always next year :’)

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