Thank you, Organix

Thank you, Organix for sending me some samples to try out with Kory!

Kory had fun and enjoyed both of these Organix products. The baby rice was a complete success! I have tried Kory with baby rice on a few other occassions but made by other brands and he just wouldn’t eat it. I was convinced he just didn’t like baby rice. However, this morning I tried him with the Organix baby rice and he ate every mouthful!

This product is great value for money, it’s around £2.00 for a box and can be bought from most supermarkets. Both Kory and I are happy with the Organix baby rice and I will surely be buying some more.

The Organix banana baby biscuits are perfect for Kory’s little hands, he finds them easy to hold which means he’s able to feed himself. (under my supervision of course) They are a great snack and not only this, they are also one of the few baby snack finger foods without any added sugar and salt, plus they are organic! (Way to go, Organix!) Kory really seemed to enjoy these biscuits so we will definitely be purchasing some more in the future.

Thanks again, Organix for giving us the opportunity to try and review some samples from your baby food range. Me and Kory had lots of fun!

* Please note, I recieved these products in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. *

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