Dear mums, having a bad day

This morning I thought to myself ‘I feel like the worst mum ever.’

I got upset after losing my patience with Kory when he just

Wouldn’t. Stop. Crying.

He would cry every time I put him down, cry every time I left the room, cry if I fed him, cry if I didn’t feed him. Other than the mum guilt, what upset me as well was the fact that I didn’t handle the situation in a way that I thought the ‘perfect mother’ would. Before I became a mum, I always pictured I would stay calm, cool and collected in every situation.

But that’s just not my life.

My life is full of early mornings, fighting sleep, waking in the night, tidying up after everyone, feeling tired and fed up, so yeah, sometimes I lose my shit.

I know I write about how awesome motherhood is and how what we’re doing as parents is amazing and it is! It’s just yesterday was ‘one of those days’ and believe me, they’re gonna happen. Whilst motherhood is full of joy and incredible moments, it’s also full of overwhelm and tiredness.

Sometimes we’re just hard on ourselves. So stop. Tired mum, stressed mum, crying-in-the-bathroom mum, you’re not the worst mum ever. You are just having a bad day. You’re a real mum.

Like me.

4 thoughts on “Dear mums, having a bad day

    1. Thank you so much. That was really sweet of you! Makes me happy when people comment on how happy he looks, I feel like I’m doing something right xxx

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I don’t think we’re real parents until we lose our shit and feel the mum-guilt in full force like this. I’ve had it on more occasions than I’d like…I’m not the “mum I pictured I always would be” but that’s okay, because they are few and far between – and there’s always cuddles and kisses at the end 😉 Honestly, you’re doing a great job and days like these don’t define who we are or how we parent! Becky xx

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