Wishes I have for Kory

Kory is growing so fast and learning so many new things every day that I’m already thinking about his future.

Here are some wishes I have for Kory that I thought I’d share with you:

  • I wish that Kory will forgive any mistakes I’ve made and know that I’m not perfect but I tried my hardest to be the best mum that I could be

Kory is only 9 months old and I’ve already made so many mistakes. At this stage he isn’t going to remember them but as he gets older he is only going to get more aware. One day when he is old enough to look back on his childhood and recalls some of those mistakes I hope he realises that I was just a mum who loved him very much and tried her best for him.

  • I wish that he will always know he can tell me anything

Whilst I want my child to know that I am parent first and friend second, I still want Kory to know that he can confide in me as he would a friend. I want him to be able to tell me if he’s being bullied or if he’s in trouble.

  • I wish that Kory will always believe in himself and know that he can grow up to be whatever he wants to be. Whether that be an astronaut, a teacher or a stay at home dad

I have no plans to put pressure on my child to choose a certain career. I don’t believe you need a title or lots of money to be happy and I hope to pass those values onto Kory. I will always be extremely proud of him whatever he chooses to do. I simply just want my child to be happy.

  • I wish that one day he finds someone who makes him very happy, someone to share his life with

I hope they love and adore each other very much and I hope they’re as happy together as Kory’s dad makes me. Oh and I wouldn’t mind some grand babies to spoil too!

  • I wish that Kory will always be proud of the person that he is and will not be influenced by other people’s opinions

I hope he never feels ashamed of his looks, how he dresses, the music he likes or the body he’s been given. I want him to always be true to his individual self and I hope he never falls into the trap of caring what other people think.

  • I wish that Kory will have a lifetime of health and wellness


Above all, I just want Kory to have a healthy and enjoyable life.

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