Top 5 favourite activity ideas

I love play time with Kory but sometimes I’m at a loss as to what we can do together.

Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of activity ideas for you and your little one (follow me on Pinterest if you haven’t already!)

Today I am going to share with you 5 of my favourite activity ideas:

  • Reading. Even though Kory may not fully understand what I’m saying when I’m reading, I always like to read him a book out loud before bedtime whilst pointing and showing him the pictures to familiarise him with the book.


  • Painting. I love letting Kory paint with his hands and feet, it keeps him entertained and as a bonus, your little one can make pictures that you can treasure forever!

  • Sensory play. Sensory play is so important, it plays a big part in your child’s development, it’s good to let them explore with different textures and easy enough to do so! Whether you decide to make a sensory basket, sensory bag, sensory bottles, there’s literally hundreds of sensory play ideas to choose from. Again, Pinterest is great for ideas.


  • Play dough. Kory loves to explore the play dough by squishing it in his hands. Play dough can be bought or it is easy enough to make. Just watch your little one doesn’t eat it! Unless you have a recipe for edible play dough.

  • Water play. Kory is such a water baby! He loves bath time! Our water play consists of putting Kory in his bath seat, filling the bath and giving him toys to play with. So simple! Once summer time is here, a paddling pool will be great for water play too. It’s surprising how many hours of fun a jug and water brings!


I hope you liked reading my 5 favourite activity ideas. How do you keep your child entertained?

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