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I am a swearer.

Sometimes I swear accidently, like when i yell when I’ve stubbed my toe (f%ck!) sometimes I swear without realising, (oh sh!t) when I drop something and sometimes when I’m angry.

I don’t swear all the time, I am capable of having a conversation without dropping the f bomb but I do swear. A lot.

Since becoming a parent, it’s been pointed out to me how much I swear and I am aware of it, I am working hard on trying to stop swearing or at least stop swearing where there’s little ears around. It’s apparent how much children copy, Kory already copies sounds I make, etc. So it’s important that I stop swearing.

Saying that, it’s also been pointed out to me that I am slightly crazy and since becoming a parent, I also feel the need to express myself more. So i do find it hard to contain swear words all the time, especially when swearing has been a part of my life for so long.

I am going to make a conscious effort to not swear in front of Kory.

Growing up, he’s going to hear swear words, he’s going to hear them from other kids, he’s going to hear them from other adults but I’m going to try my best that he doesn’t hear them from me.

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