Is there anything you miss about the way your life was before becoming a mother?

Is it wrong to miss the way your life was before having children?


I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, I love being a mum, however, as much as we love our kids, sometimes we just like to reminisce about how life used to be…

Remember this?

  • Not being interrupted
  • Swearing
  • Your tidy home
  • Sunday lie-ins
  • Romance
  • Adult conversation
  • Money
  • Silence
  • Eating and drinking before it goes cold

Saying that though, there’s also some things I DON’T miss about life before motherhood:

  • Hangovers
  • Being self absorbed
  • Wondering when am I going to have kids

Although sometimes I miss my old life, a cold cup of tea and a messy house are a small price to pay for the beautiful child I have, the same child who is making writing this blog post difficult by crawling all over me.

Oh and the craziness he brings to my life.

We do love our children but does this sound familiar to you?

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