My son is not ‘hard work.’ I think the word you’re looking for is adventurous

Anyone who has spent time around Kory will know that he never keeps still, he constantly wants to be on the move, he will not just sit and watch tv, he hates to be held and generally just gets bored rather quickly.

This is often when people feel the need to comment.

‘How do you cope?’ ‘I bet you can’t wait for bedtime!’ ‘I bet you never get a minute’ or my favourite ‘oh he’s hard work!’

So, to those people – listen up! My son may not be aware of what you say when you talk about him to me but as he gets older he will and I don’t appreciate him hearing how he’s ‘hard work’. Only I, his mum can say when he’s being a pain in the ass. Okurrr.

But seriously. My son isn’t some sort of burden. He’s my son and yes some days I may feel totally exhausted and crave just five minutes to myself (tell me a parent that doesn’t!) But he is growing into an adventurous little boy who wants to explore his surroundings, see new things and to learn. It’s not even as though he’s naughty! He’s the most lovable little boy I know and I am proud to say he is mine. Since when has not wanting to sit still been a problem? It’s probably not going to get any easier for me as he gets older either but I sure as hell would rather him be playing with different toys and learning about the world than to quite happily just plonk himself in front of the tv all day.

And whilst we’re on the topic, if anyone is going to comment on how Kory is ‘hard work’ it should be me, his mum, you know the one who looks after him and takes care of his every need day in and day out, the one who goes to bed at the end of every day exhausted.

Not some randomer who just feels like passing judgement.

Despite being premature and the health visitors warning me that Kory’s development may be behind, he has always been forward for his age. He’s astounded me with how well he has come on since being born. He crawls, he’s almost walking and he isn’t even 10 months old, he can feed and give himself a drink, he can’t say mama or dada but he can say hiya and Harley (the dog) and Bobbins (the cat.)

I’m proud of him.

He’s happy, he’s healthy and he’s so pleasant. And to me, that’s what’s important.


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