Has my son bonded with me?

You often hear about how mothers sometimes find it hard to bond with their babies at first or maybe even for a while (for those mothers out there that are struggling, believe it or not, it’s natural, you’re most definitely not alone and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad mum. You aren’t always going to instantly bond with a child you’ve just laid your eyes on. Even if they are your own. Sometimes it takes a while, there is always help if you need/want it.)

But this isn’t the case here.

I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I’ve bonded with Kory. I love him so much, I know exactly what he wants and needs and when he wants and needs it, I know what he likes and dislikes, we spend all day every day together, he’s my best friend.

But has my son bonded with me?

I’m sure he loves me but I sometimes question whether he’s actually built a bond with me? He will quite happily go to anyone (strangers included!) he has no problems with me leaving him (whether that be leaving the room or leaving him for the day) sometimes I just wanna cuddle and kiss him but he squirms to get away!

I wasn’t prepared for this, I thought this sorta stuff starts when they become teenagers?!

I’ve been feeling like this for a while now and everyone is quick to reassure me that Kory has in fact bonded with me but sometimes I don’t feel like he has.

As his mum, sometimes I feel replaceable.

Is this something that as a parent you can relate to? Please let me know in the comments.

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