Happy Father’s Day!

On Sunday it was Rory’s first Father’s Day.

Up until having a child of our own, neither of us have ever really had a reason to celebrate Father’s Day before so I wanted to make this Father’s Day a special one. Not only this but Rory is an amazing dad to Kory and he deserved to enjoy his day. He deserved the best day.

The weather was gorgeous here so we spent the day in the garden and I made us all a lovely tea.

And for Father’s Day I made Rory this Star Wars lego frame. He is the biggest Star Wars fan I know and I also thought the quote was pretty funny as well as well suited for the occasion.

Rory, I hope you had the best day and enjoyed your first ever Father’s Day. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do and for being the best daddy to our little boy. We both love you so much.

I hope all the other dads out there enjoyed their weekend too! How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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