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We’re going on holiday!

We’ve booked our first family holiday!

We’re off to Greece, Crete on the 8th of September and I am so excited to take Kory on holiday with us! I can’t wait to take him swimming in the pool, for walks on the beach, to see all the local attractions and to just make memories as a family.

But I’m also nervous…

I’ve been on holiday before but I have never travelled with an infant who I am solely responsible for. I’m nervous as I don’t quite know what to expect! I know we’ll have a lovely time once we’re there but I can’t help but feel nervous about the flight, I worry how Kory will be on the plane, I’m scared of him getting sunburnt, him being unwell whilst we’re away from home, I worry he may not like any of the food and just worrying in general!

Did I mention that I was worried?

Worried but excited!

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