Belated happy birthday to me

It was my 23rd birthday over the weekend.

It was also my first birthday as a mum and I have been well and truly spoilt by my mum, partner, family and friends.

I am so lucky!

I honestly thought I would just be spending my birthday at home but unknowns to me, my mum had booked an overnight stay for me, Rory and Kory at a hotel in Llandudno! I was so surprised, so so grateful and so so so excited!

I was sitting at home in pyjamas, opening my cards and presents when I came across this in the birthday card from my mum and younger sister…

Shortly after I was dressed, out the door and on my way to Llandudno!


I would just like to thank everyone for the cards, gifts, money and birthday wishes. It means a lot! And I would especially like to thank my mum and Rory, my partner, those two always go above and beyond for me.

Thanks for making my first birthday as a mum the best birthday yet.

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