The best things about being a mum

Ok, so there’s the lack of sleep, the messy house, the tantrums and the days you feel like you could pull your own hair out! But there’s also the middle-of-the-night-cuddles, the memories you will make, the laughter and the days you feel like your heart could burst with love.

Ask any mum and they will tell you that being a mum is the most difficult and challenging yet most rewarding job in the world.

Here’s what I think are the best things about being a mum:

  • Watching them grow. Seeing your child become their own little person with their own personality.
  • Watching them learn. After teaching them to say dada or mama and hearing them say it for the first time and seeing the smile on their face.
  • Learning important lessons yourself. I love how my son is bringing out the best version of myself, he is teaching me that as a mum, I can learn and grow too, I need to be more patient, kinder and more understanding.
  • Pure happiness.
  • Unconditional love. The best part about being a mum for me is the love I feel for my child. I never knew I could love someone this much.
  • Finding purpose in life. Since becoming a mum, I feel like I have found my purpose in life. My calling. All I want is to be a mum.

What do you think the best things about being a mum are?

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