Let the birthday preparations begin!

So I’ve just come to the scary realisation that Kory’s 1st birthday is only 4 weeks away…


How is that even possible?! Where has this past year gone?! I’m not ready for my baby to turn 1 just yet!

And secondly,

Let the birthday preparations begin!

We’ve decided we’re just going to have a little get together at our house with close family and friends for Kory’s 1st birthday. I’m counting on the weather being nice so that we can hopefully have a BBQ and have the bouncy castle out!

We agreed that we don’t really feel like we have to throw a great big party with lots of people and presents for Kory’s birthday. AS special as his 1st birthday is, I just don’t feel like it’s necessary as he isn’t old enough to understand that it’s his birthday yet. (No disrespect to anyone that does go all out for their child’s 1st birthday. Go you!)

Kory’s birthday lands on a Tuesday this year so the get together will take place on the Saturday before his birthday and on the Tuesday on his actual birthday, me and his dad are going to take him to build-a-bear.

So that’s the idea in place but here’s what I’ve still got to do:

  • Plan the birthday ✔️
  • Pick Kory’s birthday outfit ✔️
  • Buy birthday presents ✔️
  • Wrap presents
  • Write invitations list
  • Send invites
  • Buy food and drink
  • Prepare food (salad, pasta, pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches)
  • Purchase disposable plates, cutlery and napkins
  • Buy decorations
  • Place decorations in garden and around house
  • Put up the bouncy castle
  • Choose a birthday cake

I think that’s everything anyway but I can’t be sure… I still can’t get over the fact that I am actually planning my baby’s 1st birthday!

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