The mum police

You know what motherhood needs? More inconsiderate, opinionated know-it-all, judgemental mothers.

AKA – the mum police.

Said no-one ever.

We’re all mums, we’re all going through this journey called motherhood and we all know just how difficult parenting can be. You would think that this would create some sort of understanding, mutual support and even respect but it doesn’t. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Somehow, despite having children to look after, homes to run and some of us jobs to work too, some mothers still manage to find the time to judge each other.

And this judgement starts way before your child is even born. I’ve seen mothers be criticised because they wanted to find out the sex of their baby, because of the names they liked for their little one, for their chosen birth plan. The list goes on and on! I think it’s ridiculous. It’s their baby, their decision and it’s gonna be their journey. We’re all different, what may work for one of us may not work for another, we all have our own way of doing things but we should be able to have enough respect for each other to keep our disagreeing thoughts and opinions to ourselves.

I’ve experienced this myself.

Sometimes it’s not always direct and bitchy but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t appreciate being questioned by other mums for the choices I make when it comes to my own child. I shouldn’t feel like I have to explain myself when the decision is completely mine.

Just the other day, I posted a picture of Kory eating an ice cream and another mum felt the need to comment and ask whether or not it was safe for him to have dairy and sugar because she avoids giving her child dairy until their 1 years old and did eating a full ice cream not give him a bad tummy.

I’m his mum. If the ice cream was going to harm him, do you think I would have given it him? She’d already assumed just by looking at a picture of him eating an ice cream that he must have eaten it all when in actual fact, he just had a few mouthfuls. And as for her not giving her child dairy till they’re 1, good for her! If she had known me personally she would have known that Kory is turning 1 in just a matter of weeks anyway. I think the fact that she didn’t even know me on a personal level but felt like it was okay to pass judgement p!ssed me off even more.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re all parents and we all know being parents isn’t always easy. Be kind to one another and worry less about what others are doing and enjoy your own journey with your own children.

2 thoughts on “The mum police

  1. 🙌 Too right, only you know what’s best for him, and that should stand over anything 🙂 I get it in reverse mostly, where people will feed him things I’m not comfortable with. When he wasn’t even on solids, I had someone shoving a chocolate button in his mouth – because milk is good for him. Mum police for sure 🙄 x

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    1. You’re kidding?! That’s so out of order. The only thing worse than the ‘mum police’ is people undermining us mums! Like you said we know what’s best for them xx

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