You are amazing

To the mum who has locked herself away because she needs just one minutes peace,

To the mum who feels so tired that all she wants is to go back to bed,

To the mum who is crying to herself because she shouted at her kids for something little and now feels guilty,

To the mum that doesn’t like what she sees when she looks in the mirror,

To the mum that feels like she just can’t deal with leaving the house right now,

To the mum that is ordering take out again because she just doesn’t have the energy to make dinner,

To the mum that feels like she’s lost her identity and is just ‘mum’ now,

You are amazing.

Motherhood is hard.

I mean really hard, probably harder than we could have ever imagined.

Please don’t think that it’s just you who finds it hard, believe it or not – it’s hard for all of us, some of us just don’t speak about it.

It doesn’t matter that you lock yourself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet, it’s okay that you want to go back to bed because you’re just so god damn tired and it’s perfectly alright if you order take out for the 3rd time this week. What your kids see when they look at you is a mum who is trying her best, your kids look up to you and they think you are amazing.

That’s because you are.

You are amazing.

5 thoughts on “You are amazing

  1. This post hit me in the feels for sure! I was the mom who struggled terribly with the feeling of transitioning to parenthood and just becoming ‘mom’. I have been doing a lot better but recently we hit the ‘terrible twos’ pretty hard recently. On my day off I had a fun day planned for us at the beach. All she did was throw fits, to the point where I made the decision to just go home. She threw fits for two more hours, refused to nap, and by the time my husband came home I told him I was done and didn’t want to be around her the rest of the day. I was so frustrated – it felt like our fun day was completely ruined and I didn’t have a second to relax. I felt guilty for wanting my space, but at the same time you need to do something to maintain your sanity after a day like that!! Thank you for sharing, I am sure there are others who will enjoy reading this too.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I am glad that you could relate to this post. I’m sorry to hear that you had a hard time, this motherhood thing ain’t easy! You should know that you’re not alone, Kory is turning 1 on Tuesday but some days I feel like we’ve already hit the terrible twos In our house! And like you say, we do need our own space from time to time just to stay sane, I totally agree with you. Kids eh! Just know that you’re doing a fabulous job, by arranging fun days for you and your family, that shows what sort of caring mother you are 🙂

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