I must be doing something right

I always doubt myself when it comes to parenting but I must be doing something right. Call me biased but I have raised the most kind, loving, caring and considerate little boy.

Kory is my greatest achievement and he makes me so proud.

Every day he makes me proud. Proud of the little person he is becoming.

But I’m also proud of myself.

I am a young first time mum with little experience raising and taking care of babies. I’m not good at many things in life but somehow I have managed to raise an incredible baby boy. Don’t get me wrong, he tantrums and rarely listens to me just like every other child but he also spots me across the room when he’s playing and randomly comes over just to hug and kiss me, he always shares his toys and always has a smile on his face.

These little things may not seem like much to some people but they are everything to me because as his mum, these are the things that I’ve taught him. The things that he must have learned from me.

People have judged me on the fact that I became a mum at 22 years old, they assumed that just because I’m ‘young’ that I must go out every weekend and leave my child to go partying like ‘all’ other young mums. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, partying has never been my scene, even before having children. I’m actually rather boring! And because I’m a first time mum, people assumed that I musn’t know what I’m doing and always seem to offer advice whenever they get the chance – even when it’s unhelpful.

I doubt myself all the time when it comes to anything that I do but when it comes to parenting, I’m proud to say I must be doing something right.

4 thoughts on “I must be doing something right

  1. Advice from people can either be golden or a burden…I remember when I was pregnant someone told me all my hair is going to fall out and even a nurse at the GP told me how giving birth is the worst most painful thing (I was feeling pretty relaxed until that point) go you mumma!

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    1. Totally agree! Oh my god really, that was a bit insensitive for someone to say to you whilst pregnant and that nurse doesn’t sound too professional either! Yes we know it’s going to hurt, thanks for reminding us! :’) and thanks, you too!

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