Kory’s 1st birthday

Sorry this post is a little late, I’ve been super busy lately but I’m so excited to finally share with you some details and photos from Kory’s 1st birthday!

Kory turned 1 on the 8th of August. (sad and crazy!) I still can’t believe how fast that one year went by. It honestly doesn’t seem 2 minutes since he was my tiny newborn baby.

When planning Kory’s birthday, I knew I didn’t want to do something outrageous and over the top but I knew that I still wanted to do something fun for him and memorable for us. So, the weekend before his birthday, we threw a little birthday party for him at our house and on his actual birthday, me and his dad took him out for the day.

For the party, I decorated the house and garden with birthday banners and just put on a little buffet for everyone.

Make a wish, Kory!

The birthday cake! We bought the cake from Sainsbury’s. We opted for a safari themed cake as that has always sort of been Kory’s theme from being born, it matches his bedroom and he’s animal crazy! (Just like his mama!)

The buffet. There was salad, tuna pasta, different sandwiches, sausage rolls, pasties, cocktail sausages, crisps, sweets and cupcakes.

The party turned out perfectly and most importantly, Kory really enjoyed himself celebrating with our closest family and friends!

On his birthday, after opening all of his presents, me and his dad took him to The Trafford Centre where we took him to Clark’s, build-a-bear, the Disney store and to Pizza Hut.

As you can see, Kory recieved lots of gifts and was very spoilt by all of our family and friends.

Now that Kory is on the move, we took him to Clark’s to get his feet measured and purchased his first pair of shoes.

Then we headed to build-a-bear where Kory chose his own bear, stuffed him, dressed him and named him. Here he is!

We helped him to name the bear – Bertie Birthday Bear. (seemed appropriate) Kory had lots of fun making his new best friend and now he has the perfect keepsake too!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Kory’s 1st birthday.




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    1. Thank you! That sounds so cute! Aw yeah, do a post! I’d love to have a read 🙂 and me too, I made a scrapbook for his 1st birthday and I’m always looking through it. They grow up too fast! X

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