I realised something today 

I realised the house work can wait.

Everything can wait.

I’ve always liked to keep a nice, clean and tidy house. In fact, I like to keep everything in my life neat and organised.  I’m known for being quite a particular person.

When I was pregnant, people would always tell me ‘you’ll have to get used to mess when the baby arrives’ but that wasn’t the case for me. After Kory was born, I still managed to keep on top of the house work and keep my home looking nice. It’s only been recently since Kory has dropped his naps during the day and has started sleeping only at bedtime that finding the time to do the house work has proven difficult. Finding the time to do anything has proven difficult.

And at times frustrating.

But you know what? It can all wait.

I don’t want to lose my patience with Kory because there are dishes in the sink or because I haven’t managed to hoover yet. It was much easier to keep up with the house work when Kory was a baby because he slept a lot more but now that he’s 1, he doesn’t sleep much at all, he’s always on the go and just wants to play and I’m fine with that.

His first year has already gone by so fast and I want to treasure my time with him. He isn’t going to be my little boy forever and one day when he’s grown up and doesn’t want to play with his mum anymore, I’ll feel sad and I’ll have all the time in the world to tidy the house.

When Kory looks back on his childhood, I don’t want him to remember a mum that never had the time for him, a mum that would always brush him off because she prided herself more on what her house looked like. I want him to remember a mum that made him laugh and smile.

I want him to remember all the mess we made and all the fun we had making it together.

2 thoughts on “I realised something today 

  1. Everybody always used to tell me the housework can wait it will still be there tomorrow so don’t worry about it. Some days I just leave it all and play and enjoy my babies too. It is difficult to keep on top of everything as they get older but they grow up so quick you have to enjoy every moment you can 🙂

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