Transition from cot to cot bed

We moved Kory from his cot to his cot bed. After a bumpy start, the move has actually gone pretty well.

Kory seemed excited when he seen his new bed, however getting him to sleep in it was a bit of a challenge. He realised he could climb in and out of bed easily so getting him to settle for a nights sleep was difficult and I started to question whether or not we’d made the right decision. But after the first night in his new bed, Kory slept in his cot bed just as he normally would have in his cot.Our reason for making the transition wasn’t because he was climbing up the bars of the cot or anything like that, it was simply because if I put Kory down for a nap in our bed he would sleep for like an hour and a half where as in his cot he would only have like a half hour nap. Also he’d started to wake in the night for no reason so we figured we’d try him in his own bed with a duvet and pillow and it worked.

There is no set time when to make the transition from cot to bed. Most toddlers make the transition between 18 months and 3 years of age. Kory is almost 15 months old so I guess he’s a little early. I was certainly in no rush for him to make the transition from cot to cot bed but it’s what was best and I feel like it worked for us.

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