More judging

I read this article this morning and it really annoyed me.

It was basically saying that working mums are not part time mums (which they’re not!) compared to stay at home mums who are considered ‘full time mums.’ I totally agree to this.

If you’re a mum, whether you work or stay home, you’re a full time mum no matter what. Being a stay at home mum doesn’t consist of staying in your pyjamas and drinking brews all day and being a working mum doesn’t mean you get a ‘break’ you go to work all day, come home and still run a house and take care of your kids!

But what annoyed me about the article was that it also went on to refer to stay at home mums as ‘full time yummy mummies’ who are considered full time despite ‘watching The Jeremy Kyle Show in their dressing gown whilst their kid has a nap.’ I’m a stay at home mum and I can tell you now, I don’t get a minute to sit and watch tv, let alone go to the toilet by myself. And this nap you speak of? Man I wish my child would take one of them!

I hate that there is so much judgement when it comes to parenting, everyone is so quick to defend working mums yet stay at home mums get bashed and are assumed lazy.

I’m not a lay about, I’ve always worked from leaving school and I’ve only been out of work since having my son at the age of 22. I would love to go back to work part time but that’s not an option for us. We’re not entitled to any funding or help towards nursery fees and if I did choose to go back to work and to pay for childcare, It would cost me the majority of my wage anyway, therefore we wouldn’t be any better off. I don’t want to have to go back to work full time, I would feel like I don’t get to see or spend any time with Kory. We don’t claim any benefits, so I don’t see how it’s anyone else’s business whether I’m a stay at home mum or not, in fact I don’t think it has anything to do with anyone else what anyone chooses to do! Everyone has different circumstances. In our situation, I’m lucky that my partner earns enough that i’m able to stay home and take care of Kory and that’s what works best for our family. But some families rely on two incomes so that working mum who gets called for leaving her child would probably love to stay at home with her kids but has no choice but to go back to work. That stay at home mum you assumed was lazy and sits on her arse all day would probably love to go back to work. And if you’re a mum that just loves her job and wants to get back to work, then that’s your choice and I back you 100%!

What I’m trying to say is just do what works best for YOU and YOUR family, because as you can see from this article, people are gonna judge you no matter what anyway. If you go back to work then you’re considered neglectful and if you stay home like me then you’re probably a doley.


‘Full time yummy mummy’

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