Kory is much better today

Remember when I said Kory wasn’t well and I had a feeling he might have chickenpox?

Turns out it wasn’t chickenpox (thank god!) I think what he’s got is actually conjunctivitis instead. When he woke up this morning (after another hellish night of tossing, turning and crying) his eyes were a bit gunky. Since I’ve cleaned them they seem to be okay. He has had conjunctivitis once before and was a little off side with it but he was much worse than that this time which is why I didn’t think it could have been the same thing…

The couple of pink spots which appeared over his body which I thought might have been the start of the chickenpox must have just been viral because they seem to have disappeared again now. With him being around other children who have had chickenpox recently and then him being poorly I just put two and two together.

I am so pleased to say that Kory is much better today.

Today is the first day since being ill that Kory has eaten all of his breakfast (you wouldn’t believe how happy this made me!) if you know Kory, you’ll know he LOVES his food and when he isn’t eating, THAT’S when something is wrong!

And his high temperature has gone down too. (Phew!)

I’m so glad to have my happy baby back. Even if I do feel absolutely poop myself! I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or if I’ve picked up whatever it is that Kory has got but I feel dreadful.

So, thank you for sharing your germs with mummy, Kory…

I’m just happy you’re well again.

2 thoughts on “Kory is much better today

  1. Aww it’s horrible when they’re poorly, more so when you just can’t tell what exactly is wrong and how you can help. Glad he is better! Hope you’re ok too 🙂

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