Feeling lousy

I’ll be going to bed feeling like a lousy mum tonight.

Me and Kory have been spending a lot of time just sat at home lately. As you already know, Kory has not long since got rid of a cold and then when he was finally better, I started with tonsillitis and I’m still not better. I’ve felt so run down today, all I wanted to do was stay in bed or sit on the sofa and all Kory wanted me to do was play. He was pulling me around the house, into his room, down to his toys and I played with him as best I could but today was yet another day spent in front of the tv or snuggled up with the iPad and I feel so guilty for not being able to do all the things he wanted me to do and Kory has been so good about it all.

I can’t wait till i’m feeling better so I can make it up to him.

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