To all the mums who feel like they got ‘nothing’ done today

At the end of the day, when the kids are finally in bed, you may look around at your untidy house, your ever growing to-do-list that doesn’t seem to get any shorter, only longer, and yourself who may not have even got dressed and feel like you got nothing done today. Even after another tiring day of being a parent, consisting of nappy changes, of making sure your little ones are fed, watered, cleaned, dressed, played with, nurtured and loved!

Here’s the thing.

Your children don’t care about how tidy the house is, your incomplete to-do-list or if you got ‘nothing’ done today and neither should you. When they look at you they see a mum who gives them her all. A mum who makes them breakfast every morning and reads them a story before bed every night, a mum who dresses them every single day, who cleans up every spill and re dresses them again. A mum who can make everything feel better just by cuddling them. They love your time together and they love when you laugh and play with them because these are the things that truly matter, these are the things that are going to strengthen your bond, your love and help your child to grow.

So, if after another beautiful, tiring day of being a parent is ‘all’ you got done today then don’t worry, you’ve got more done today than you think.

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