What the hell just happened?

Yesterday I woke up with every intention of having lovely day.

Outside the weather was glorious and lately me and Kory have been enjoying ourselves, we’ve been spending a great deal of time outdoors making the most of the nice weather (Kory loves the outdoors) and just generally having a pleasant time together.

I thought today was just going to be like any other day. Why would it be any different?

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

From the second Kory woke up he was immediately dissatisfied with everything and I knew that I was in for a sh!t storm of a day despite the sun shining outside. Whenever a day starts with a tantrum, it’s usually all down hill from here.

First of all, he wasn’t happy that I said ‘good morning’ to him. Then he wasn’t happy with what I’d made him for breakfast. After that he wasn’t happy with what I’d put on the tv for him, he didn’t want to get dressed and he didn’t want me to leave the room, put him down or do anything at all.

This was all before 8:00am.

Kory was kicking and screaming but I decided to get us ready anyway. Despite his terrible mood I decided I was going to take him to play group. In my head, I thought this passes an hour for us, it gets me out of the house, it’s a change of scenery for us both and this could be the perfect distraction for Kory as he usually really enjoys play group. I was just willing to try anything at this point.

Oh boy.

Kory did not like play group that day. He didn’t want to play with the toys, then when it was time to put the toys away he didn’t want to put them away, he wanted to play with them, he didn’t want to join in with any of the sing songs, he wasn’t listening to anything I or anyone else said and was just a total nightmare. That hour spent at play group had to be the longest hour of my life. Not only that but I was so embarrassed! The lady who runs the play group also happens to be the nursery manager at the nursery in which Kory will be starting in September.

What must she have thought!

After play group things did not improve for me. Walking home I was already run ragged and felt ashamed of Kory’s behaviour and Kory thought this was the perfect time to throw yet another tantrum. All because he wanted to walk in the opposite direction from home and I told him ‘no, it was home time.’ He threw himself back on the concrete floor screaming and refused to walk or even get up so I had no choice but to carry him all the way home, which luckily for me is only up the road.

When we got home I made Kory take a nap, call it wishful thinking but I was hoping (and praying!) that this time when he woke he would be in a much better mood. If this failed, I did not know how I was going to make it through the rest of the day. When he finally gave in and fell asleep, I spent this time just thinking to myself.

‘What the hell just happened?’

Kory is no angel but in his 21 months of being here he has NEVER behaved like that before. It took me by complete surprise and I didn’t know what to do, I just tried to handle it the best way I could. I suppose that’s all any of us can do.

If this is the start of the dreaded terrible twos then god help me because I am not hoping for another day like that any time soon.

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