Birthday party

A little while ago we took Kory to his friend’s birthday party. It was the first birthday party Kory had ever been invited to and had ever attended so we was a little curious as to how he would behave whilst we was there…

As soon as we walked into the party Kory seen all of the balloons, the decorations, all of the other children, the bouncy castle and let go of my hand immediately and that was that, he was off! He got himself a balloon, he was showing it to everyone, he was running around after the other children, climbing on and off the bouncy castle and once the buffet had been opened even helped himself to some! I don’t think he came back over to sit with us once during the whole party.

He absolutely loved it!

It’s so bittersweet watching your child grow up, it seems like it was just two minutes ago when he was my tiny bottle feeding little baby and now he’s grown into this independent little boy who gets invited to parties!

Slow down time please!!

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