Bye bye dodi

When the day came, I was so happy to say bye bye to Kory’s dodi. I honestly never thought I’d ever see the day when Kory didn’t have a dummy in his mouth anymore. He loved his dodi! From being a small baby he could never go to bed without one, he would always have one in his mouth, day and night. I was worried that they would affect his speech or his teeth but to our surprise, Kory ditched the dodi sooner and easier than we expected.

Here’s what happened…

We didn’t intentionally wean Kory off his dodi but what happened worked in our favour. During this time, Kory was going through a pretty rough spout of teething and was chomping on anything that he could put into his mouth. Through biting down on his dummy, he had popped the teet with his teeth. He had already gone through quite a few dodis by doing this and quite frankly I was sick of replacing them and buying new for him to do the same thing again so I just kept giving him the same dummy with a hole in which he didn’t like. After a while he had no interest in a dodi whatsoever.

I always pictured when the time came to wean Kory off his dodi that it would be hard work, there would be lots of tears and tantrums but there was honestly none of that and I was pleasantly surprised when Kory didn’t want or need a dodi anymore. The whole process was a lot easier than we could have ever imagined.

Even if it wasn’t intentional!

Kory hasn’t had a dummy now since around the age of 1 years old and he’s now nearly 22 months old so he’s gone almost a full year without a dummy!

Go Kory!

Have you experienced weaning your child off their dodi? If so, what did you do? How was the experience for you?

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