DIY toy box

I always wanted a personalised toy box for Kory to store all of his toys in. I love anything personalised for him and just thought one would look lovely in his bedroom. I had looked online at purchasing one for him but I just couldn’t justify spending £200+ on a toy box that I could make for him myself.

So I set myself the task of making Kory a personalised toy box.

I started by purchasing a plain wooden toy box from a local store. Once I had built the toy box, I then purchased some individual wooden initial letters. After that it was just a case of positioning the letters where I wanted them on the box and sticking them on with glue.

And that was it really!

I have left the toy box plain wood for now and I’m just going to let Kory tell me what colour he would like me to paint it when he’s older. It actually looks quite nice as it is!

In total, it cost me £26 from start to finish to make my own personalised toy box for Kory which is a huge saving compared to the £200+ I would have had to pay otherwise.

Also I think the fact that it was me, his mum, who made the toy box for him just makes it all that more special. And personalised.

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