What I know now

When I was pregnant with Kory, people were always quick to tell me all different things about pregnancy, the baby and parenting. I think as first time expectant mums to be, we tend to just get flooded with other people’s advice and their experiences.

One thing they would always tell me was how much of an impact this baby was going to have on my life, how the love I will have for my child will be like no other and I would just nod and shrug it off like everything else they told me. I thought I knew what they were talking about but it wasn’t until Kory was actually placed in my arms that I truly understood and felt the full force of what they had been telling me.

You get told a lot of crap when you’re pregnant with your first child but this is true.

Even now, Kory is almost 2 years old and I still catch myself looking at him in complete disbelief. How did we make someone so perfect? I feel like if I loved him any more my heart would burst!

It’s true what they said, I have never felt a love like this before…

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