The term ‘self hosted’ was something I heard a lot when I first started blogging. At first I was a little confused by it all, I had no idea how to do it, what it entailed or what it even meant but I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, my blog has grown and I have grown with it and I have finally decided to take the plunge. I decided to go self hosted with WordPress. It’s been a long time coming but that’s because I wanted to make sure I was absolutely ready before I took this step.

If you’re wanting to know more about the ins and outs of going self hosted, please see my previous post: If you’re thinking of starting a blog – stop lurking and start writing!

So, this is just a little post to thank each and every one of you who have ever taken the time to read my blog posts and for those of you who have followed my blog, without your support none of this would have been possible. So thank you.

If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

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