Kory’s taster day

So today was Kory’s taster day at nursery.

Me and Kory had been invited along to the nursery this morning to attend a ‘stay and play’ session so that Kory could see his classroom, meet his teacher, get to know some of the children before starting in September and for them to let me know what days he can attend.

Last night I had the whole morning planned in my head. We have to be there for 9:00am so we would get up at around 7:30am so that we didn’t have to rush, we would have breakfast, have a tidy up, choose what Kory was going to wear and make our way there.

But of course when you have a toddler, nothing ever goes to plan…

Early this morning (very early this morning!) my partner decided to sleep through his alarm, leaving it to go off meaning Kory was woken at the crack of dawn. And would he go back to sleep? No he wouldn’t. So I’d been awake with Kory since around 5:45am who you can imagine was in a delightful mood, not cranky or tired at all… Not! So not only was Kory in a foul mood on a day when I could have done with him being more content but I was also furious at my partner.

This was not a great start.

After lots of moaning and complaining from Kory, we still somehow managed to get to the nursery on time. I was nervous already as I didn’t know how Kory would find his taster session but on top of that I was now nervous about how Kory was going to behave whilst we was there.

But to my surprise once we got there, Kory walked right on in, let go of my hand, walked straight into the classroom and immediately started playing with the toys. He played nicely with the other children, sat with the teachers, drew a picture, played outside and just had so much fun! Everyone commented on how good his social skills are and how quickly he had settled in.

Where is my moody child from this morning and what have you done with him?!

At the end of the session, the teacher pulled me to one side and asked me to fill out some forms and to write down how many hours I would like Kory to attend nursery. I explained that I only really wanted Kory to attend a couple of mornings a week to start off with just to get him used, after that I can look at sending him for an afternoon session as well. Not only do I feel like Kory’s not quite ready to do full days at nursery yet but we don’t get any help towards nursery fees and sending your child to nursery can cost a lot of money so we’re happy to just send him for a few mornings. for now at least anyway.

So we came to an agreement and Kory will be attending nursery two mornings a week.

I’m so glad we attended Kory’s taster day at nursery today, after seeing him just run off and play it’s really reassured me, i don’t feel as nervous about him starting now. In fact I’m actually excited for him to start because I knows he’s gonna really enjoy it!

Do you know when people say to you ‘is your child ready to start nursery?’ I never really knew what to answer but now, I would say I’m 100% sure he’s ready. Kory spends a lot of one to one time with me but I think he would greatly benefit from spending time with other children as well as adults and today I could see how keen he was to join in and learn through play.

The whole taster day went a lot smoother than I could have ever hoped.

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