Kory slept out for the first time!

Yes you read that right! Kory slept out for the first time ever (it’s only taken me almost 2 years to let him do!)

My mum had him at her house over night for us. It was my birthday eve and me and Rory thought we’d go out for something to eat and for a few drinks. It was nice.

When we got home it was still quite early and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves! We just aren’t used to having so much free time. We even considered going collecting Kory and bringing him home because we were bored without him and missed him that much!

Instead, I ended up just watching tv in bed (I have to admit, it was exciting to be able to watch something other than CBeebies!)

Isn’t it crazy how when the kids are driving you nuts you would do anything for 5 minutes to yourself but when you get it you feel lost, everything you thought about doing when you’d be child free you forget and you just miss them straight away.

The next morning I woke feeling refreshed, it was nice to be able to have a full night of unbroken sleep. I hadn’t had one of those since before Kory was born! I called my mum straight away and asked how he’d been. She reassured me that everything was fine and that he’d been okay. I felt lost without him, we missed him like mad but at the same time appreciated the break.

We just couldn’t wait to see his lil face.

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