Just thought I’d pop in and give you guys an update following one of my previous posts: Under the weather

As you know both me and Kory have felt under the weather recently and so I wanted to make an appointment for us both to see a doctor. However I couldn’t get us in at our regular doctors so I had to phone the out of hours number and make an appointment for us at the clinic near our house.

Bit of an inconvenience but at least I managed to get us an appointment, at least we were going to see a doctor.

Once we got there I was told by the lady on the reception desk that the doctor hadn’t arrived yet. This was not what I needed to hear. I could have done without having to wait in a hot, stuffy waiting room with a cranky toddler because he was already tired, ill and bored and I was already feeling rough without trying to keep Kory content…

We ended up waiting an hour before we even got seen!

Anyway, we finally got to see the doctor and it turns out my swollen throat and just generally feeling like crap was the start of tonsilitis (again!) the doctor also did my blood pressure whilst I was there and that was pretty low too which wouldn’t have been helping. The doctor said Kory had a very red and sore looking throat which explains why he has been so irritable. So we were both prescribed antibiotics which we have been taking for a few days now and I’m glad to say that we are both already feeling so much better!

I am very glad to see the back of the tonsilitis, it’s horrible and it’s the second time I’ve had it this year! It always makes me feel so lowsy and makes looking after Kory very difficult because when I’m not feeling sick or tired, I’m feeling guilty for not being able to keep up with him and play with him like I usually would. And I’m happy that Kory is feeling better too, I hate it when he’s ill, not just because he’s like a mini dictating Sheldon Cooper with his all of his demands but because there’s nothing worse than when you’re child is feeling ill and there’s nothing you can do to make them feel better.

It’s not very often we’re sick, this is actually the first time I’ve ever had to take Kory to the doctors but recently our house has been plagued with colds, coughs, the tonsilitis has done its round and I’m just hoping that we’ll be able to catch a break now!

No more germs please.

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