Today is the 1st of August which means it’s Kory’s birthday month and he will be turning 2 in just 1 weeks time.

First of all, how is my child nearly 2?! Where has that time gone? And secondly, how are we in August already? I feel like I blinked and missed June and July!

Kory’s birthday lands on a Wednesday this year so we are having a little birthday party for him at our house this weekend, the Sunday before his birthday. The little party will be just like what we did for his 1st birthday except this time we’ve invited a few more people and some of his own friends that he’s made too. On Wednesday, on his actual birthday date, me and my partner are taking Kory to the Airport Pub, it’s a pub that is located just 50 feet from the airport runway meaning you can sit outside in the beer garden with something to eat and drink whilst watching the aeroplanes land. We just think this will be perfect for Kory and something that he will really enjoy because lately he has been OBSESSED with aeroplanes. Every time we are outside he is always on the look out for them and as soon as he spots one he points up at the sky and excitedly shouts ‘aeroplane!’

I think this is a nice way to celebrate Kory’s birthday, the little party gives everyone chance to see him and the day out on his birthday is a treat and chance for myself and his dad to spend some time with him. I personally think this is more than enough, like his 1st birthday, I still really don’t see the point in going all out. Not that it isn’t special or anything, of course his birthday is special but because he’s only turning 2 and isn’t really aware that it’s his birthday we’re celebrating anyway I feel keeping the celebrations to a minimum is acceptable.

Plus we’ve got plenty of birthdays in the future to host big parties and that sort of thing!

Look out for my next blog posts where I will write about Kory’s birthday, his birthday party and how I feel about being a mum to a 2 year old!

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