Kory’s 2nd birthday

Yesterday was Kory’s 2nd birthday. It was amazing to see how excited he was when he came downstairs to see balloons and presents all laid out for him.

Me and his dad had bought him all the paw patrol figures and cars as he is crazy about paw patrol at the minute, we bought him a toy helicopter, a toy story remote control car and some clothes. Kory also received lots of other lovely gifts and cards.

It’s safe to say he was spoilt rotten by us and all our family and friends!

Once he’d finished opening his presents, he played with his toys and that morning my mum, sister, nan and grandad, Kory’s godmother/auntie and Kory’s cousin all came round to see him until it was time for us to get ready. We decided we were going to take Kory to The Airport Pub on his birthday for his dinner. If the name wasn’t a giveaway, The Airport Pub is basically a pub that serves food and it has a terrace located right next to the airport runway meaning you can see the aeroplanes up close and watch them as they land. The food was pretty good too!

We figured this would be the perfect way to spend Kory’s birthday with him as he is currently OBSESSED with aeroplanes! And we were right, he was totally in his element.


We got home around tea time and that evening, Kory was pretty tired so we sang him happy birthday, let him blow the candle out on his birthday cake and had an early night.

And just like that he’s 2 years old… I hope he had the best day!

The Sunday before Kory’s birthday, we threw a little birthday party for him at our house. That way it gave everyone a chance to see Kory and it was a nice way to celebrate his birthday with everyone.

We opted for a dinosaur themed party for our dinosaur crazed little boy! Here are some pictures:

For the buffet I made sandwiches (a selection of cheese spread, ham and jam), tuna pasta, pizza (dino teeth!), sausage rolls, vegetable rice, cocktail sausages, cupcakes, cornflake cakes, jellies and I think that was everything!

I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough but there was leftovers!

I bought some cute little dinosaur party bags for the children and inside each one there was a small dinosaur figure, dinosaur stickers, a pack of haribo sweets, a dinosaur tattoo and a slice of birthday cake! (We were too busy having so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of Kory’s birthday cake! Sad face.)

Outside I decorated the garden with paper lanterns and birthday banners (again I forgot to take pictures! I’m rubbish I know!) I put out chairs for everyone and put a lot of Kory’s toys out to keep the children entertained.

Luckily the sun was shining!

Here’s the rest of the pictures from the party.

Well that’s all from me for now, I hope you enjoyed reading all about how we celebrated Kory’s 2nd birthday!

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