Ready for nursery

Today I went shopping for Kory’s school uniform, ready for him starting nursery in September. To say I’m feeling a bit emotional would be an understatement.

As sad as it is for me Kory starting nursery because I feel like I’m saying goodbye to my once small baby, the baby I have spent so much one to one time with, it also makes me proud watching him grow into an independent little boy. I know that I’m going to be totally lost without him once he starts nursery but I suppose it’s going to be an exciting adventure for us both.

I am excited for Kory to start nursery because I feel like he’s been ready for a while now and I just know that he will enjoy himself whilst he’s there. It’s a lovely nursery and the teachers are all really nice too.

It’s getting harder for me to keep Kory occupied at home, he constantly wants to be on the go, exploring and learning new things and I can just tell that he will thrive once at nursery. He is ready to be taught new things, things I can’t necessarily teach him and he loves spending time with other children, he is ready to make friends and spread his independent little wings.

It seems the best thing I can do as a parent is embrace this new venture and allow Kory to blossom into the little boy he’s becoming.

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