Guest blogger interview


A few days ago I got in contact with the lovely ‘Mama to the Froglets’ via instagram after she posted asking would anyone be interested in being a guest blogger and answering some questions.

I was keen to get involved as this is something I have never done before and I thought by answering some questions, it was a way for some of you to get to know me better.

As I said, this was something i’d never done before so was a little inexperienced and wasn’t quite sure what was expected of me but Hayley, writer of ‘Mama to the Froglets’ was very helpful, she made it very easy for me to understand and was lovely to work with.

Here is the link to the post she has published with the questions she asked me and the answers I gave her if any of you would like to take a look:

Guest blogger interview with @lifeasthelonsdales

Thank you reading.

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