The Ice Cream Farm

Today we visited The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire, it was our first time visiting. I’d already heard lots of positive things about the farm from people that I know that have visited, but we ourselves had never been before so we thought we’d visit The Ice Cream Farm and see what all the fuss is about.

It took us around an hours drive to get to The Ice Cream Farm itself, it was a pretty straight forward drive for us. Once we got there, there was plenty of parking available and it was free to park on site. We entered The Ice Cream Farm through the reception and I could already smell all the wonderful sweet smells of the ice cream! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the farm is free to enter, it’s free to enjoy Daisy’s Garden which is a magical garden and park filled with lots of things for the kids to climb, crawl and swing on and it’s also free to meet the farm animals too.

The Farm itself has lots of different play activities such as: Honeycomb Canyon which is an indoor sand and water play area, Strawberry Falls which is an adventure golf course, tractor rides at Fudge Farm, battery powered quad bikes at Silvercone, Jelly Drop which is a huge climb and slide, Gemstone Cove where you can dig for treasure, an indoor soft play area and The Loft which is the ultimate destination for the hard to please adolescent. As well as so much more! The different play activities cost between £1-£4.50. Or you can purchase a play pass:

For more information on The Ice Cream Farm’s opening times, directions, attractions, facilities and other information, here is the link to their website:

You can’t visit The Ice Cream Farm and not try their delicious ice cream! There is over 50 different delicious flavours of ice cream to choose from. There’s that many it took me a while to decide which flavour I wanted as there was so much to choose from and they all looked so good! I finally ended up choosing the banoffee flavoured ice cream, Rory enjoyed a coffee flavoured ice cream and Kory really enjoyed his marshmallow ice cream.

I already knew that the farm was going to be a huge hit with our little boy, Kory who just loves ice cream and parks and to run around. He really enjoyed himself and had lots of fun in the indoor play area that’s on site as well. I think he’d definitely like to come back again.

And so would we!

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