Kory’s first day at nursery

Well today was Kory’s first day at nursery.

Just look how grown up he looks in his school uniform! I’m so proud of him!

He walked right on in to nursery this morning and just started playing with another little boy. He didn’t even bat an eye when I left him which I’m glad of because that was one of the things I was most worried about and if he was upset when I was leaving him it would have made it even more upsetting for me.

I should have known he’d be okay though when he wouldn’t even hold my hand on the way there!

And then there’s me heartbroken, crying to myself when I was walking home from dropping him off! I felt so proud that my heart could burst but at the same time it scared me how he seems to need me a little less every day. It’s safe to say i’ve been a wreck about the whole starting-nursery-thing, I have been since finding out he’d been accepted! I was worried would he like nursery? Would he make friends? Would he be okay? And it looks like I was worried for nothing. Kory has handled this all so much better than I have! I think deep down I knew that Kory would like nursery and I was excited for him to start but at the same time I was scared and sad because it feels like he’s growing up too fast!

Last night when I was making his packed lunch ready for today, I was crying into his lunchbox. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it feels like it was just two minutes ago since Kory needed me to feed him a bottle and now I’m making him sandwiches to take to school! Where has that time gone?!

Even though Kory is only attending nursery for 2 morning sessions a week (9:00am-12:00pm) I missed him so much! The house was just so quiet without him here it was strange! Everyone was telling me to enjoy the peace and quiet, get done what I needed to get done at home, ect. That’s all fine and well but there’s only so much tidying a person can do. I was bored without him and counting down the minutes until I could go pick him up!

I rang the nursery about an hour after I’d dropped Kory off to check how he was getting on. The nursery manager told me he was brilliant when I first dropped him off, she said he was playing but after a while realised I wasn’t there and got a little bit upset (which can be expected.) She also said he’d had a little accident in his pants (we’re currently potty training) but reassured me that he was okay again, he was playing and they’d changed him into his spare pants. So I suppose he hadn’t done too bad really considering it was his first day! The first time he’s ever really been away from me properly, I’ve left him with my mum before a few times but never with people he doesn’t know or in an environment he isn’t familiar with.

When I went to pick Kory up, I couldn’t wait to see his little face. When I walked into the room he was looking out of the window, I sneaked up behind him and said ‘have you had a nice day? Mummy’s missed you!’ He turned round, smiled and we hugged. It was nice that he was happy to see me and had missed me as well!

I’m so glad Kory had a brilliant first day at nursery! I think we’re both just as glad he’s back home now though!

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