Today was a good day

Kory has actually been such a good boy today!

Well, he’s always good I suppose, it’s not like he’s ‘naughty’ as such but today in particular, I feel like we’ve really enjoyed each other’s company.

This morning he played nicely whilst I tidied the house (which I can tell you, it was nice to be able to hoover up without Kory on my hip!) Then after we’d both finished getting dressed and ready, we had a walk out to the park, took lots of pictures and had lots of fun. Kory loves going down the slide and even approached a few of the children there to play. It was lovely watching him.

After we’d finished at the park, we went to visit our nan and grandad (both me and Kory love to visit them and they love to see us too.) Whilst there, Kory ate all of his dinner. Then we came home and we’ve played with his toys together for most of the afternoon.

I’ve only just looked down at my watch and realised my partner will be home from work soon!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Not all days run as smoothly as today, I wonder what I did differently?

Today was a good day.

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