Today has been a hard day

Today has been a hard day.

It actually started off pretty well though. After breakfast Kory played nicely by himself which meant I was able to tidy the house from top to bottom, I got him to take a nap with no fighting and then once he woke I took us for some dinner.

Everything was going smoothly until I had to take Kory shopping.

Every shop I went into Kory just wanted to run off, knock everything off the shelves, cry, kick, scream and shout. I know he didn’t mean to be ‘naughty’ he didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to touch anything and of course he didn’t want to be held when he knows he can walk himself but he just wouldn’t listen to a word I was saying. Nothing I said or did was resolving the situation.

I started to feel embarrassed and could feel myself getting flustered. I even started to question my ability to parent and I felt like all the other shoppers did too. At one point I felt like I just wanted to put my shopping back, go home and have a good cry. It’s rare I find myself in a position like the one I was in today and it’s not often I say what I’m about to say but Kory really tested my patience today. I almost feel ashamed to say it.

How sad is it that other than my partner, I feel like I have no one to talk to about parenting and the struggles that come with it without being judged.

4 thoughts on “Today has been a hard day

  1. ((hugs)) mama. Parenting on days like that are so rough, and if you don’t have people to talk to about it, it seems even rougher. I’m in the same boat, nobody to talk to in real life except my husband and I end up feeling guilty for sharing any negative things with him because he already works so hard that I don’t want to burden him further, know what I mean? Anyway, ((hugs))! I’m new to your blog and looking forward to following along. 🙂

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