This morning me and my partner took Kory swimming for the first time. Other than splashing in the pool on holiday when he was smaller, Kory has never been to the swimming baths to swim properly before.

I feel guilty that I haven’t taken Kory to the swimming baths sooner. It’s something that I’ve always thought about doing with him but the thought of me wearing and being seen in a swimming costume just made me feel so anxious that I kept putting it off. I know that may seem selfish of me. But I’m working on it. I can’t help the way I think/feel but I’m trying.

Lately I’ve been practising this thing were I try to care less about what I look like, the negative thoughts in my own mind and what other people might think of me because I know this has been holding me back. It’s not just held me back as a mother, it’s something that’s held me back all my life. But I don’t think it’s fair that Kory should miss out on things because of me.

For someone whose always covered up and tried to blend in, wearing a swimming costume and feeling comfortable in one in public is a huge deal for me. It’s different to wearing a swimming costume on holiday, I may not feel comfortable wearing one on holiday but I don’t really have much choice and on holiday no-one knows me, at my local swimming baths, I may see someone I know. So I’m proud of myself for that.

Anyway! Enough about me.

It was nice to have some family time together and Kory loved it at the swimming baths. Pretty much as soon as we got into the swimming pool he wanted to go off swimming on his own (even though he can’t swim properly!) and it wasn’t long before Kory was jumping from the side and into the pool by himself! He honestly has no fear. He didn’t want me or his dad to help him, he was so determined to swim by himself and the water going in his eyes, up his nose and in his mouth didn’t bother him in the slightest. I couldn’t believe how confident he was! Kory enjoyed it that much that I’m thinking of taking him to swimming lessons. Me and my partner really enjoyed ourselves too and we’re thinking of making a trip to the swimming baths a weekly thing.

I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and didn’t feel half as paranoid as I thought I might have wearing my swimming costume. In fact, I feel a bit silly for worrying so much about it.

We’ll definitely be taking Kory to the swimming baths again.

2 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Well done! Doing something you’re a bit anxious or uneasy about (or slightly uncomfortable with even!) is a big step in overcoming whatever that thing is. You both look so cute, too! Love the swimwear. 🙂 And glad you had a nice time!

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